The Glass House by Tirtha

Situated in Uluwatu, Bali, the Glass House is a multi-level complex shrouded in lush greenery, masterfully landscaped by Singapore-based Salad Dressing to lend an ethereal atmosphere perfect for enchafacnting celebrations of love and life by twilight.

The Glass House, which comprises a main guesthouse with an annexe and lawn, features an exquisite blend of rustic elegance and clean sophistication - floor-to-ceiling glass windows flood reception spaces with natural light and an uninterrupted view of the lawn below, while dark wood accents bring a touch of nature and modern simplicity to the interiors.

With multiple spaces well suited for a wedding ceremony and reception, couples may enjoy the versatility of hosting their celebration in a variety of formats within the same venue.

The luxuriant foliage that surrounds the compound, complete with a yellow bamboo court and Black plants, offers a truly arresting backdrop for an exchange of vows and the photos that follow.