Experience the Perfect Scene with Japanese-French fusion and our warmest hospitality in great nature.


Weddings and solemnization ceremonies are no longer confined to the walls of hotel ballrooms today. For couples who are planning to tie the knot in a cozy and intimate venue, Lewin Terrace is the perfect location to conduct a memorable wedding in a beautiful garden setting.


Illuminated by a delightful terrace and overlooking lush foliage and stunning blossoms, Lewin Terrace is impeccable for a simple and elegant afternoon wedding ritual. At dusk, guests can also enjoy a Secret Garden cocktail reception on the balcony and as night falls, flickering candle lights and glowing fairy lights provide a stunning backdrop to an extraordinary occasion. A thematic dessert bar and personal touches aimed at enhancing the evening complete the whole experience, making your wedding experience a truly magical one.


As an upscale fine dining restaurant, Lewin Terrace’s pared-down but elegant interiors allow the place to shine on its own. In addition, the restaurant lends itself to a great deal of customization to fit all your needs.


Lewin Terrace boasts an impeccable romantic and lush atmosphere for an intimate solemnization experience. The charming outdoor terrace, surrounded by idyllic nature and greenery presents a romantic haven removed from the bustling city, ideal for an intimate alfresco wedding solemnization. For a small understated solemnization, couples can also choose to hold their solemnization in our intimate indoor space.


Couples looking to hold their wedding at Lewin Terrace can choose to work with Chef Keisuke Matsumoto on creating a bespoke and highly-customized menu. At Lewin Terrace, couples can be assured that the level of service and food presentation are all carefully taken care of to deliver an exceptional experience.